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Boho Pine Needle Cuff Bracelet


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A fun “boho style” cuff bracelet made of natural longleaf pine needles (Pinus palustris) stitched with Brazilian waxed Linhasita thread in two colors, turquoise and ivory. Embellished with silver-colored stainless steel beads and blue crazy lace agate beads. Agates are generally thought of as stabilizers that bring calm energies to their wearers. The protective capabilities of agate have been utilized since ancient times, often in the form of amulets and talismans. Only found in Northern Chihuahua, Mexico about 125 miles south of El Paso, Texas, the look of crazy lace agate beads features unpredictable, lace-like patterns. The three large crazy lace agate beads in this bracelet are a lovely blend of gorgeous ocean blue hues and swirling patterns of agate, perhaps reminiscent of a favorite beach vacation!

Cuff style: 1.75’/4.5 cm wide band
Circumference: 7.75″/19.7 cm with1.25″/3.2 cm gap at wrist

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Care & Specs

Coiled pine needle creations are gifts from nature coiled with bundles of pine needles harvested after they’ve naturally fallen to the ground, and hand stitched with various waxed cords or threads. Many pine needle creations take more than forty hours to craft—truly labors of love that I hope may be enjoyed by others for many years to come. ~NMc

  • Care Recommendations
    Avoid fully immersing in water. Subsequent drying and contraction of water-soaked and swelled needles may loosen stitches.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: it could potentially damage organic materials or unevenly fade dyed elements used in your basket.
  • Gently remove dust with a soft paintbrush, or use a can of compressed air. Lightly wipe baskets with a damp cloth using cold water (without fully immersing in water).
  • Do not place in a microwave oven: metal parts may have been used in construction, and threads are coated with wax—it’s non-toxic, yet, could melt when exposed to heat.
  • Baskets are food safe, but to ensure ease of cleaning and their longevity, it is advisable to keep food separated from basket interiors with a cloth napkin or similar protection.