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9.25″ X 8.75″ diameter; 1.75″-2.5″ deep

• Longleaf Pine needles (Pinus palustris), dyed & glycerined

• Waxed Linhasita thread

• Indian crow beads w/metal tags

Notes on Water Whirl:

I’ve always loved swirls and organic shapes that still appear to be somewhat symmetrical. This basket was very time consuming—it took a lot of wrapping and thread color changes. An interesting surprise was the “wave” it created all by itself at its top rim due to the way the wrapped sections stacked up. Although I had envisioned a round basket, it took on an oval shape in the end, so, I went with it and let it flow, so to speak, as it wished.

  • Stitches: Solid Wrap, Simple
  • Year: 2022