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Base: 6.5″; rim: 9.5″; depth: 2″

• Longleaf Pine needles (Pinus palustris), dyed

• Waxed polyester cord

• Teneriffe center, 30 spokes

• Indian Crow beads (crazy lace agate)

Mariposa Notes:

Mariposa, inspired by the male Morpho didius butterfly, native to the forests of South America. This teneriffe-woven butterfly version is not quite anatomically correct, but I did try to come close to matching the colors.


The second version of this basket, Little Sister, was made for my friend, mother of identical twins, who will probably appreciate the slight differences! My family wouldn’t let the first one go, so had to make a second for my dear friend who so loved it when I stayed in her lovely home for three days. It was the least I could do for the generous hospitality she showed me during my visit.

  • Stitches: simple; wheat; diamond; ti; solid wrap; mariposa; teneriffe
  • Project Year: 2021