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10″ diameter, 1.5″ deep

• Longleaf Pine needles (Pinus palustris), dyed and/or glycerin-treated

• Waxed polyester cord (Maine Thread) & Brazillian thread (Settanyl)

• Crow beads embellishment

Notes on Honu basket:

This little hatchling took around 36 hours to create. The pine needles dyed black had a slight greenish tint to them (perhaps due to their original drying treatment during our local smoke-filled air from the notorious Creek Fire 2020), inspiring this first attempt at a turtle basket. Ti and reverse ti stitches in the Carlson Combo (single coil half diamond + two coils ti stitch + one more half diamond coil). 


The Honu turtle basket was so much fun—and so popular—that I made 3 more! Each was especially made for different friends who were ocean and sea turtle lovers.

  • Stitches: Carlson Combo; solid wrap; simple, reverse ti; ti
  • Project Year: 2022