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Tray: 10″ x 13″, 1.5″ deep. Teapot with lid: 5.5″ high, 7″ diameter. Tea cups are each 2.5″ diameter, 1.5″ deep.

• Glycerin-treated longleaf pine needles (Pinus palustris

• Linhasita waxed poly thread

• Walnut slices, wooden bead

Notes on Cuppa Tea?!:

I made this fun 5-piece pine needle tea set (teapot with lid, 2 cups, tray) with our dear British friend in mind—he taught me long ago to always offer your guests a cuppa first thing after the greeting. A coffee drinker myself, I still couldn’t resist the urge to try and make this little reminder as a table centerpiece… or something. Each of the engineering feats alone were quite the learning experience for me. And no, neither the teapot or the tea cups actually hold liquid! (This is ART, not function!).

Update September 2023: this piece (all 5 of them together!) just won a First Place award in the local 2023 Mariposa District Fair!

  • Stitches: ti, swirling wheat, solid wrap, diamond, fern, fagot
  • Project Year: 2023