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2.75″ diameter; 2.5″ high

• Longleaf pine needles (Pinus palustris)

• Waxed Linhasita thread

• Jingle bell embellishments

Note about Bells:

There are usually no patterns in pine needle coiling—the piece is created “on the fly” or, well-planned ahead but each is unique. I finally worked out how to shape these bells—more difficult than it looks! Since there is no pattern, I can at least include instructions for what I did in case others would like to try.

Starting at the top of the bell, wrap 3 rows (about 1″ diameter) flat or slightly angled downward. Then, as if making a top knob on a lid, coil 15 rows almost straight downward (about 1.5″ diameter), and then angle out for the last 3 rows to finish (bottom diameter about 2.75″). Total height on these is about 2.5″. The coil size was pretty tiny, around 1/4″ thick. The coil size will dictate how many total rows you’ll want to do, and that downward shaping will be the ultimate shape of your bell.

  • Stitches: blue: ti; green: fern; red: swirling wheat
  • Project Year: 2021