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11.75″ diameter; 2.5″ deep

• Longleaf Pine needles (Pinus palustris), dyed & glycerined

• Linhasita thread (5 colors)

• Poured paint center by CKLimited/Etsy

Notes on Always Above Lava:

Basket made for young professional river guide friends who mentioned that they hoped I’d make a basket for their wedding gift. I had grand plans for adding beads and bling, but in the end, kept it simple so the center could remain the focal point.

About the Name:

Folks who have run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon are familiar with the notorious Lava Falls Class 10 rapid it references. Anticipating the run through Lava Falls, the Mount Everest of the Colorado with its steep drops, big waves, and a highly technical layout, is nerve-wracking to even the most experienced boating folks, but once you’re through it, it’s an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment—and, you’re above Lava again! Always Above Lava seemed a fitting metaphor—especially for young river guides embarking on their new married life together—for conquering challenges in order to grow, and always seeking out the next one.

  • Stitches: Ti, Swirling Wheat, Diamond Fern, Solid Wrap
  • Year: 2023