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6.5″ diameter, 3.125″ deep (base), 3.5″ high with lid

• Dyed & glycerined longleaf pine needles (Pinus palustris

• Waxed linen thread

• Toggle button (PVC) & crow beads w/tags

Notes on Almost Coconut:

This basket is an attempt at capturing the elusive shape of a coconut. For many years, a small basket made from a coconut—and purchased in the Marquesas, French Polynesia—traveled with us aboard our sailboat as we cruised throughout the South Pacific. It was the perfect garlic keep, and so, I wanted to create something similar from pine needles. The pattern made by the lovely popcorn stitch was a delightful surprise.

  • Stitches: open V; solid wrap; popcorn; ti
  • Project Year: 2022