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10.25″ diameter, 2″ deep

 • Dyed & glycerined longleaf pine needles (Pinus palustris) 

• Linhasita Waxed thread

• Purchased center (acrylic paint pour from CherokeeGirlSupplies/Etsy (Karen Travail)

• Crow beads w/engraved signature tags

Abstract #51 Basket Notes:

I wasn’t sure how to handle a center like this (my first two choices were sold out!) which had an unfinished  back and no holes. So, I mounted it on leather like a cabochon, and then was suddenly inspired by an earlier treatment I had seen similar to this by Rena Harris using an agate (her basket, A River Runs Through It). This was fun—kind of like painting with pine needles! Some see a “bird” but I was thinking of the Colorado River flowing through the Grand Canyon while making this! Rotate it clockwise 90 degrees, and there’s a happy dog with his tongue hanging out… 🙂

  • Stitches: simple; solid wrap
  • Project Year: 2022